World-Class Catch & Release

Sturgeon Fishing

World-Class Catch & Release

Explore the Fraser River, home to the majestic White Sturgeon, one of the planet’s largest freshwater fish. This prehistoric species, surviving over 80 million years, offers an unparalleled freshwater fishing adventure. Growing to lengths of over 12 feet, weighing more than 1000 pounds, and capable of living beyond 150 years, the White Sturgeon presents anglers with both a challenge and the thrill of a lifetime.

Conservation at the heart of Adventure

Our guided adventures are more than just fishing; they’re an opportunity to participate in vital conservation efforts. Pioneering in the sturgeon tagging program, we contribute to preserving this magnificent species with ongoing efforts to ensure their future. Our boats are outfitted with special equipment to ensure the health and safety of the sturgeon during the catch-and-release process, providing valuable data for ongoing scientific research. Adopting low-impact angling practices, such as using barbless hooks and ensuring the sturgeon remains in the water, underscores our commitment to the ethical treatment of these ancient creatures.

THe Thrill of the Catch

Imagine the adrenaline rush of hooking a White Sturgeon – a fish known for its incredible durability and formidable strength. Anglers are often left in awe at their riveting jumps and the reel-screaming action during the fight. This is not just fishing; it’s an engaging battle that tests skill, patience, and endurance. 

Where Giants Roam

The Fraser River offers a world-class sturgeon fishing experience. It hosts fish of various sizes, from highly prized juveniles to behemoth trophy sizes that challenge even the most seasoned anglers. The diverse habitat, from shallow sand flats to deep river bends, provides an ideal environment for sturgeon, making every fishing trip an adventure.

Embrace the thrill of the chase

Ready to experience the ultimate in sturgeon fishing? Seek the thrill of a Sturgeon adventure memory that connects you with an ancient and unique river titan. Secure your spot on our next expedition and go on a journey you won’t forget!


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