Steelhead Fishing

The Crown Jewel of Rivers

Steelhead trout, revered among anglers for their beauty, elusive nature, and the challenge they present, is truly a prized catch. Known for their spectacular aerobatics and the memorable battles they provide, fishing for steelhead offers an unmatched experience.

Aiming your fishing trips during their seasonal runs—winter (December to May) and summer (June to August)—maximizes your chances of encountering these magnificent fish in the river. Engaging in this sport tests your skills and connects you with the rhythmic cycles of nature, making every catch a rewarding event.

Expertly Selected Gear

For steelhead fishing, having the right equipment is not just important—it’s essential. Our senior fishing guides take the guesswork out of gearing up by meticulously selecting the optimal rods, reels, line weights, and baits tailored to the fishing method and season. With a deep understanding of water conditions and steelhead behaviour, our guides equip you with everything necessary to maximize your chances of a successful catch. Rest assured, you’re equipped to succeed when you’re with us.

Winter Steelhead

The cold waters of winter bring clarity and lower levels, making stealth and precision key. Opt for lighter lines and smaller baits or jigs to avoid spooking fish. Techniques like jigging under a bobber or drift fishing with bait such as artificial rubber beads or cured roe can be particularly effective​.

Summer Steelhead

In summer, steelhead tend to be more dispersed. Explore slow-moving waters and deep pools where fish find refuge from the heat. Brightly coloured lures and flies can attract attention in these conditions, and adapting your approach to the water’s pace is crucial.​

Conservation and Respect

It’s crucial to prioritize conservation to ensure the sustainability of these spectacular fish for future generations. Practicing catch-and-release is one effective way to contribute to this effort. This method involves promptly returning the caught fish to the water from which it was taken, minimizing harm and allowing it to continue its life cycle. By engaging in catch-and-release and adhering to local fishing regulations, anglers can enjoy the thrill of the chase while actively preserving steelhead populations.

Your Catch of the Day awaits.

Whether it’s salmon, sturgeon, or the thrill of both, our excursions are tailored to thrill both novice and expert anglers alike. Join us on the water for a fishing adventure that promises epic catches and unforgettable scenery. Reserve your journey today!


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