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Fishing for Conservation

At River Titan Pro Anglers, conservation isn’t just part of our work—it’s the reason we exist. We are deeply committed to the sustainability of the fisheries and habitats that fuel our passion for fishing. Through active involvement in research, monitoring, and advocacy, we strive to protect our precious fisheries for future generations.

Our Conservation Efforts

Sturgeon Monitoring and Tagging Programs

In partnership with the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society (FRSCS) and the Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association (FVAGA), we are at the forefront of efforts to understand and protect the majestic White Sturgeon. Our founder, Fred Helmer, has been a pioneer in these critical conservation initiatives, contributing invaluable data and insight to ensure these ancient giants thrive for centuries to come.

Why We Do It

Our commitment to conservation is driven by the remarkable life stories of the species we pursue. The White Sturgeon, for instance, has survived over 80 million years and can grow to over 1000 lbs. We are proud to be part of efforts to help baby sturgeon grow and thrive in their natural habitats. By connecting our clients with the story of these “River Titans,” we foster a profound appreciation for the natural world and the critical need to protect it.

At River Titan Pro Anglers, every fishing adventure is a step towards conservation. Join us in making a difference—one cast at a time.

Scientific  Research and data Collection

Through initiatives like the DFO Avid Angler Program, we contribute to scientific data gathering on saltwater targeting Chinook Salmon. We catch, measure, and take DNA samples before releasing them. This will assist us in better understanding how to manage this iconic species. 

A chinook salmon being measured for scientific research.

Fundraising for Habitat Restoration

Our engagement extends to organizing and supporting events like the Wally Hall Jr Steelhead Derby, which raises crucial funds for habitat restoration and the creation of spawning channels. This helps replenish fish populations and educates the community about the importance of environmental stewardship.

Educational EXPERIENCE

At River Titan Pro Anglers, we believe that education is key to sustainable fishing. Our fishing adventures are more than just fishing trips; they are immersive educational experiences where anglers of all ages, especially the youth, learn about best fishing practices and the importance of conservation. Our guides are passionate about teaching and hope to inspire a new generation of conscientious anglers who will advocate for and contribute to a healthier future for our fisheries.

Our guides teach fishing skills and emphasize the importance of conservation, helping instill a lifelong passion for fishing and respect for nature in the next generation. By participating in our adventures, young anglers gain hands-on experience and learn the significance of responsible fishing techniques. These lessons aim to cultivate respect for the fisheries and an understanding of the ecological roles that different species play.

Discover the Beauty beneath the surface

Are you intrigued by the diverse fishing opportunities in our local rivers and oceans? Our fishing adventures showcase the best of both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Book your next adventure with us and reel in more than just fish—reel in memories!


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