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Salmon Fishing

The Art of Salmon Fishing

Allow us to engage you with another exciting adventure as we explore the fascinating world of Salmon fishing. From the vast open ocean to the final destination on serene rivers, we explore the five species of Salmon with the mighty Chinook, spirited Coho, robust Chum, playful Pinks and legendary Sockeye—an amazing list of opportunities for anglers to achieve.

Gear up for Success

Choosing the right equipment is crucial for a successful salmon fishing trip. We offer the very best in tackle and equipment that is specific to catching the variety of species we are pursuing. Our team shares how to improve your success using the latest techniques and technology for gear and fly fishing enthusiasts, from beginners to pros.

OUr Salmon Species

Chinook Salmon: The Regal Titans of BC Waters

Revered as the King of the Pacific, Chinook salmon are the most sought-after catch for anglers dreaming of a formidable battle. Known for their incredible strength, these majestic fish can weigh over 50 pounds, making them the ultimate prize. Their season spans from June to October in the river, while ocean adventures can be enjoyed from April to September.

Coho Salmon: The Spirited Fighters

Coho salmon, characterized by their aggressive nature and energetic fights, are a favorite among light tackle enthusiasts. These abundant fish offer thrilling encounters from August to November in the river and from July to September in the ocean. Their spirited leaps and runs promise an unforgettable fishing experience.

Chum Salmon: The Mighty Battlers

Also known as Dog Salmon, Chum are renowned for their tenacity. They hit hard and fight harder, offering non-stop action that will test your stamina. Weighing up to 25 pounds, they present a formidable challenge from late September to November in the river, ensuring an exhilarating adventure for every angler.

Pink Salmon: The Playful Wanderers

Returning on odd years, Pink salmon create a fly and jig fishing paradise with their playful nature and abundance. These fish, reaching up to 10 pounds, bring life to the rivers from late August to early October and the ocean from July to August, offering plenty of opportunities for anglers to enjoy their light-hearted battles.

Sockeye Salmon: The Esteemed Warriors

Sockeye salmon, with their legendary status and pivotal role in British Columbia’s ecosystem, provide both thrilling action and delectable rewards. Known for their intense fights and delicious taste, Sockeye are a favorite from August to September in the river. Their strong battles and prized meat make them a sought-after catch for any angler.

Other Species

We offer a variety of unique and fun fishing options, including Trout, Char, Kokanee, and Bass in freshwater locations throughout the Fraser Valley. Fishing in the stunning beauty of local lakes and rivers that produce many strains of wild fish that we cherish and enjoy is shared, with the goal of releasing them without harm for the next opportunity to meet again.

The Strait of Georgia ( Salish Sea ) provides more than great Salmon fishing. Bottom fishing can bring some delicious species to the table, such as Cod, Snapper, and more. If you enjoy Prawns and crab, we can drop traps out to add to your dining delight. This is dependent on the time of year and weather.

Your Adventure Awaits

Ready to cast your line into the world of salmon fishing? Whether you’re a seasoned angler or new to the sport, our guided fishing adventures offer an unparalleled experience in some of the most beautiful fishing destinations. Book your adventure today and prepare for the catch of a lifetime!


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